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Biblically speaking trees have huge importance - who can forget the Garden of Eden and its 2 vital trees:

1.The Tree of Life
2.The Tree of Knowledge

Nordic Mythology - Odin's World Tree is equally well known

Celtic Trees - These are thought to have special powers or to serve as the abode of the fairies, especially the magical trio of oak, ash, and thorn. Next in rank are the fruit-bearing trees apple and hazel, followed by the alder, elder, holly, and willow.  Ogam is the tree alphabet. There are roughly 400 surviving ogham inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and western Britain.

Dryads-The dryads are wood nymphs or forest nymphs.  They are beautiful and carefree maiden spirits who live in forests and wooded areas and  protect the trees and creatures in their domain.  Dryads are very peaceful and usually known to be very shy.

The dryads are very closely associated with trees and each dryad has a particular tree with which she herself is closely linked.  (Greek Mythology)

Trees have great appeal and some of them have a very long lifespan.

There are many tree appreciators and organisations that speak out against deforestation.

Arbour Day is celebrated by planting tree's in many places.

Trees are awesome - They have such a special energy.  They are a real natural living treasure that most people do not appreciate.

Is it possible that only certain people have an affinity with trees?

Different trees definately have different personalities and trees are very wise.  You can definately communicate with trees but its more of a necessity of clearing your mind and emptying it of thoughts.  Trees find people very noisy thinkers.  If you clear your mind and make contact with a tree (Like touching or hugging it) you will definately be rewarded by it communicating with you.  Several people have written books on this topic and many others have experienced contact with trees.

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