Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Magical Powers...

If you could chose a magical power, which would it revolve around:

Pyrokinesis (fire),
hydrokinesis (water),
electrokinesis (electricity),
geokinesis (earth),
aerokinesis (wind),
biokinesis (altering your own form into something else),
photokinesis (light),
umbrakinesis (darkness)

Other suggestions:
 telekineses. It's universal, can almost do anything, and this way you could get to work without hitching a ride.  Telekinesis for the shear fact that it's tons more useful and versatile than most other forms of 'Kinetic' abilities allowing you to create Forcefields, Fly, Levitate objects and people, etc... 

Telekinesis on a molecular level is a completely unnecessary upgrade to a power that is already incredibly useful and strong and one that would take much more motor-control and knowledge to utilize for a person with simply telekinesis.

Chronokinesis. The control of time.  makes you immortal, allow you to restore your eyesight(by going into the future) and stuff like that.
The ability to have Omnikinesis better than the one ffr has.

Possible uses:  Defense against the dark arts   (personal preference vs.power)

aerokinesis is the most potentially powerful one with air being almost everywhere. You could create a vacuum in their lungs and suffocate them.

Electrokinesis is also a very powerful one as your nervous system runs on electric charges. You could instantly incapacitate an enemy if you were powerful enough.

Umbrakinesis, being able to control the darkness ,especially at night, and even in the daytime you have shadows. sleep in the noon hours and live in a big city with plenty of shadows to manipulate.  Lumo and Umrakinesis are virtually the same. The term 'Umbra' is actually a misconception because you are not moving darkness, you are moving light. Basically, both Lumo and Umbrakinesis is the power to control light, but in different ways. 

Lumokinesis is the ability to enhance the brightness in an area by moving light particles in a more condensed way to blind others or to simply light up a darkened area to see better. Theoretically, with Lumokinesis, you would also be able to create intense illusions and even draw all the light from the surrounding area and create mild to powerful laser blasts.

Umbrakinesis is the ability to darken an area by moving light away from said area. To put it simply, the power of Umbrakinesis allows you to remove light from a person, place, or thing to create absolute darkness to blind or confuse people. Technically speaking, you could remove all the light from a person, for example, making them look like a moving or living shadow but in fact, they are actually completely sightless because there is no light around them. With Umbrakinesis, creating a shroud or even an illusory being of shadow, is actually just a space of absolute darkness taking a form, due to strategically removing light in certain ways. Turning out the lights

Biokinesis. Regeneration/healing, shapeshifting, enhanced physical stats.  Can make yourself immortal, immune to all diseases and independent of air/water/food, ups your strength, reflexes, and physical condition, You have camouflage, you can give yourself certain superpowers, regenerate from all kinds of damage should something get past your new endurance, you can evolve your mind to the level where you get all the other -kinesises, possibly to the level of outright godhood. Basically if you're smart about it, Biokinesis can very well turn into Omnikinesis.  could gain animal abilities, or become something else completely. 
Maybe you could become time.  Y
ou could stop aging that way.  read up on Biokinesis and from what I got it seems to be more than that. You can basically slow down your aging and you would be close to being immortal.

Also you would be able to enhance your strength, intelligence, and even your eyesight. It can be a useful ability if your blind, you could gain your eyesight back.

Although if real world physics is applied here you wont be getting Superman type of strength but you would still be stronger than normal. - consider the extra longevity... This makes the decision even tougher. 

Aerokinesis, to keep yourself from falling prey to your own vainity. Flying really seems like it would be the most useful of the kinesis.

Pithanotitakinesis. Pithanotita is Greek for probability so pithanotitakinesis would basically be probability control.

Ability to make almost anything happen by altering the odds, changing the virtually impossible to absolute certainty and vice versa. Things like whether you will win the lottery, live youthfully forever, and defeat any foe that faces you.
Quantum kinesis. Control over quantum mechanics.  The particles that make up matter and the fundamental forces in the form of bosons. Cause people to teleport into space, relegate them through time, just follow the Uncertainty Principle and throw them into weird, unexpected scenarios.


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