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by Toyin Adepoju on Wednesday, 17 November 2010 at 10:51

An old man is walking along a road.

The old man is you, seen in relation to  the contradictions that make up your life.

This walk is a journey to make sense of those contradictions.

The contradictions take shape  at the crossroads you reach.

It becomes clearer that the road on which you walk is the path between the four calabashes of creation that emerged when the eternal rock of creation,oyigiyigi,split to form the universe.

The road,with four arms stretching out to east,west, north,south,is yourself.

At last you are in the place you have been striving to reach for so long,seated at the table with yourself who explains to you the meaning of all those journeys you have undergone since you first drew breath on that fateful day.

The journey under the earth

The meeting with the chameleon
the one who changes his colour to suit his surroundings
the one who identifies with others yet remains himself
the duality that is yet one

The one who sees left and right at once
the unity of knowledge
of good and evil
of past,present, future
of life and beyond life

Trickster and guide
Sage and mischievous child

the fire that consumed the house

the man with the body of a snake

the old man gazing at the stars

the ferryman who sank the canoe

Kaidara and the gift of gold,your friends who followed you on this journey,your family awaiting you at journey's end-at last all these take their true place in the pattern of your life.

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    • Aina Olomo This is a work of art....thanks Toyin Lots to think about and information to internalize
      24 September at 02:46
    • Toyin Adepoju thanks aina.deeply continue to light the fire in me.
      24 September at 08:59

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